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Walter Matthau (Hanesbrands Inc.)
Picture of Walter Matthau

Picture of Walter Matthau

Picture of Walter Matthau Picture of Walter Matthau

Born:1 October 1920New York, New York, USA
Known As:Oscar Madison"The Odd Couple" (1968 Movie)
Trivia:Birth name: Walter Matthow.
Had three children: Jenny (b. 2 August 1956), David (b. 2 November 1953)
and Charles (b. 10 December 1962).
Was 6' 3" tall.
Studied in the dramatic workshop at New York's New School with Gene Saks,
Rod Steiger, Harry Guardino and Tony Curtis.
Served in the Army Air Corps with James Stewart.
Was passionate about classical music and often sang
pieces by Mozart on the set.
Won Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar for:
"The Fortune Cookie" (1966).
Six Degrees of
Kevin Bacon:
On TV:TVGuide.comClick here for TV listings.
Filmography:The Internet Movie DatabaseWalter Matthau Filmography.
Departed:1 July 2000Santa Monica, California, USA
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