TV and Movie Trivia Tribute
Scored Quiz Number Two
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1. What role did Bill Bixby play on the TV series My Favorite Martian?
Tim O'Hara
The Police Chief
Uncle Martin (the Martian)
Detective Bill Brennan

2. In the 1965 film, Battle of the Bulge, the Germans were running short of this:

3. Remember who played Cyrus 'the Virus' Grissom from the 1997 film Con Air?
Nicolas Cage
John Cusack
Albert Finney
John Malkovich

4. I won an Oscar award in 1961 for my role as Gloria Wandrous in the movie BUtterfield 8. Who am I?
Susan Hunt
Farah Fawcett
Elizabeth Taylor
Jane Mansfield

5. What did Elly May Clampett from The Beverly Hillbillies TV series just love having around?
Chocolate Candy

6. Listen to this sound file and tell me, who am I?
Nicole Kidman
Holly Hunter
Glenn Close
Gillian Anderson

7. In the movie City Slickers, I said, "Rollin', rollin', rollin', keep them dogies rollin', man my ass is swollen, Rawhide!"
Daniel Stern
Billy Crystal
Bruno Kirby
Kirk Douglas

8. Look at the picture to the left and tell me, who am I?
Nicolette Larson
Isabella Rossellini
Annette O'Toole
Annie Potts

9. Related to the prior question, when and where was I born?
1961, London, England
1960, Dublin, Ireland
1955, Los Angeles, California, USA
1952, Houston, Texas, USA

10. From the South Park TV show, I said, "This is sweet. Camera crews are setting up, and I'm lookin' totally ripped. Beefcake. Beefcake!"
Matt Stone
Geraldo Rivera
Isaac Hayes
Trey Parker

11. You knew me as Lily Munster on the TV series The Munsters.
Shirley MacLaine
Joyce Van Patten
Yvonne De Carlo
Shirley Jones

12. Who said, "I have a unique knowledge of this prison facility. I was formerly a guest here." in the movie The Rock (1996)?
Sean Connery
Ed Harris
James Coburn
Charles Bronson

13. I was born in 1899 in England and directed the 1954 film Rear Window.
Alfred Hitchcock
Cecil B. DeMille
Victor Fleming
Marc Daniels

14. Who said this line from the 1980 movie Airplane!, "I am serious, and don't call me Shirley."
Peter Graves
Robert Hays
Lorna Patterson
Leslie Nielsen

15. Identify the person pictured to the left.
Dick Van Dyke
Dick Van Patten
Jack Lemmon
Werner Klemperer

16. Remember us from the TV series _______&_______'s Laugh-In?
Martin & Lewis
Rowan & Martin
Burns & Allen
Abbott & Costello

17. Who did NOT win the Best Actress Oscar for the movie cited?
Jessica Tandy for Driving Miss Daisy.
Ann Bancroft for The Miracle Worker.
Frances McDormand for Fargo.
Jodie Foster for Nell.

18. Listen to this sound file and select.
Chuck Connors
David McCallum
Christopher George
William Shatner

19. I directed the 1977 movie Star Wars.
Leonard Nimoy
John Meredyth Lucas
George Lucas
Steven Spielberg

20. On the TV show The Lone Ranger, what was the name of Tonto's horse?
Mr. Ed

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