TV and Movie Trivia Tribute
Movie Name the Celebrity Part One
Let's start with Various Movies.

You knew me as CASEY 'CICI' COOPER in the movie SCREAM 2.

I was the voice of TZIPPORAH in the 1998 movie THE PRINCE OF EGYPT.

My nickname is "Cami" and I played NATALIE COOK in the 2000 film CHARLIE'S ANGELS.

Born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, I played DR. EVIL in the 1997 film AUSTIN POWERS:

I played MAGGIE PISTONE in the 1997 movie DONNIE BRASCO.

I am fluent in five languages and you knew me as ALICE from the 2004 movie CLOSER.

In real life I was born in 1938 and I played CLARA 'CLARETTA' PETACCI in the 1984 movie CLARETTA.

I played the daughter of Clint Eastwood's character in the movie ABSOLUTE POWER.

My birth name was Doris Mary Ann Von Kappelhoff, but you knew me as JAN MORROW from the
1959 movie PILLOW TALK.

Who played CAPTAIN QUEEG in the movie THE CAINE MUTINY?

I was born in 1963 and was BETH BODELL in the movie PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED.

You knew me as CAMILLE JAVAL from the 1963 movie LE MÉPRIS (aka CONTEMPT).

I played U.S. MARSHAL VINCE LARKIN in the 1997 movie CON AIR.

I was born in 1956 and won the Best Actor Oscar for my role in the movie FORREST GUMP.

In STAR TREK IV, I said, "He was part ot the Berkeley free speech movement in the sixties.
I think he did a little too much LDS."

Who played EDITH MINTZ in the movie OVERBOARD?

You knew me as DON LOCKWOOD from the 1952 film SINGIN' IN THE RAIN.

I played three different women in the movie JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO.

My birth name was Marion Michael Morrison and I played JOHN ELDER in the 1965 movie

In real life, I'm married to Len Wiseman and you knew me as NURSE LT. EVELYN JOHNSON
in the 2001 movie PEARL HARBOR.

I was Mallory's abusive father in the movie NATURAL BORN KILLERS.

Who played SGT. HULKA in the movie STRIPES?

I was wanted for supposedly shooting a man in the movie HIGH ANXIETY.

You knew me as LAUREL from the 1994 film SOMMERSBY.

And now....back to 1939!

To get back to Kansas, who said, "...there's no place like home." in the movie THE WIZARD OF OZ?

Who was the man made of tin in the movie THE WIZARD OF OZ?

I was the THE SCARECROW in the movie THE WIZARD OF OZ.

Who played THE COWARDLY LION in the movie THE WIZARD OF OZ?

Back to Various Movies.

I played a Philadelphia Detective in the movie IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT.

I was the first bombshell to appear on one of the posters in THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION.

You knew me as MARION CRANE from the 1960 Hitchcock-directed movie PSYCHO.

I was the stuntman SONNY in the movie HOOPER.

I said, "Rommel, you magnificent bast***, I read your book!" in the movie PATTON.

You knew me as AMANDA JONES in the 1987 movie SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL.


I was born in Los Angeles, California, USA and played ESTELLA in the 1998 movie GREAT EXPECTATIONS.

In real life I have a brother, Jerry and you knew me as ALBERT F. PETERSON
in the movie BYE BYE BIRDIE.

Who played ALEX MURPHY in the movie ROBOCOP?

You knew me as CASPAR GOODWOOD from the 1996 movie THE PORTRAIT OF A LADY.

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