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Dan Aykroyd
Picture of Dan Aykroyd
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Picture of Dan Aykroyd Picture of Dan Aykroyd

Picture of Dan Aykroyd Picture of Dan Aykroyd
Picture of Dan Aykroyd

Born:1 July 1952Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Known As: Elwood Blues"The Blues Brothers" (1980)
Doctor Raymond Stantz"Ghostbusters" (1984)
Trivia: A police buff.
Was good friends with John Belushi.
Is very interested in the supernatural and has an extensive
collection of books on the subject.
He appeared in the music video and sang in the choir on the
song "We Are The World."
He is in the horn section of B.B. King's "In The Midnight Hour"
music video.
His grandfather was a Mountie.
Once worked as a mail sorter for Canada's national postal service.
Older brother of Peter Aykroyd. Like Peter, an alumni of the Second
City comedy troupe in Toronto.
(29 April 1983) Married Donna Dixon.
Is left-handed.
Six Degrees of
Kevin Bacon:
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Picture of Dan Aykroyd

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