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Picture of Carroll O'Connor

Picture of Carroll O'Connor Picture of Carroll O'Connor

Born:2 August 1924The Bronx, New York, USA
Known As:Archie BunkerTV's "All in the Family"
Trivia: Father of Hugh O'Connor.
Had completed part of his undergraduate studies at the University of Montana
before returning to earn a master's degree in speech in 1956.
Began his career on the stage, playing in Dublin, London and Paris before
making his Broadway debut in 1958.
Spent some time at the Julliard School of Fine Arts as an acting
and dialogue professor.
Auditioned for the role of The Skipper on "Gilligan's Island."
Carroll O'Connor said that he came up with the address for the Bunker
family residence (704 Hauser Street) when he was driving to work in
L.A. He happened to find himself on Hauser Blvd. (a few blocks
from CBS TV City) and thought the name sounded like part
of Queens NY where Archie was supposed to live.
He was instrumental in the passage of the Drug Dealers Civil Liability Act in
California. The Act states that citizens can sue drug dealers whom they
feel are responsible for the drug-related deaths of family members.
Six Degrees of
Kevin Bacon:
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Filmography:The Internet Movie DatabaseCarroll O'Connor Filmography.
Departed:21 June 2001Culver City, California, USA
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Picture of Carroll O'Connor

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