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Alfred Hitchcock
Picture of Alfred Hitchcock

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Picture of Alfred Hitchcock Picture of Alfred Hitchcock

Picture of Alfred Hitchcock

Born:13 August 1899Leytonstone, London, England
Known As:The Master of Suspense
Directed:Numerous Films Including:"Spellbound" (1945) "Vertigo" (1958)
"Psycho" (1960) and "The Birds" (1963)
Trivia: Was 5' 7" tall.
In his childhood days, he was sent by his father with a letter to the
local police station. The officer read the letter and, without further
ado, locked young Alfred up for ten minutes. Then he let him
go, explaining that this is what happens to people who do bad
things. Hitchcock was frightened of the police from that day on.
(2 December 1926) Married Alma Reville (one child).
Hitch's suggestion for his tombstone inscription was "This is what we do to bad
little boys." (It finally read "I'm in on a plot.")
Hitchcock first visited Hollywood in 1940, but was turned down
by virtually all major motion picture studios because they
thought he could not make a "Hollywood" picture. He was
finally offered a seven-year directing contract by producer
David O. Selznick. His first project was supposed
to be a film about the Titanic, but Selznick scrapped
the project because he "couldn't find a boat to sink."
Selznick assigned Hitch to direct "Rebecca" (1940) instead.
The famous Hitchcock profile sketch, most often associated with
"Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (TV Series), was actually from
a Christmas card Hitchcock designed himself while
still living in England.
Hitchcock never won a best director Oscar in competition, although
he was awarded the Irving Thalberg Memorial Award
at the 1967 Oscars.
(1979) American Film Institute Life Achievement Award.
In the New Year's Honors list of 1980, he was named a
Knight Commander of the British Empire.
He appears on a 32 cent U.S. postage stamp, in the legends of Hollywood
series, that debuted 3 August 1998 in Los Angeles, CA.
Six Degrees of
Kevin Bacon:
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Filmography:The Internet Movie DatabaseAlfred Hitchcock Filmography.
Departed:29 April 1980Los Angeles, California, USA
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